Sustainability is a core value that underpins our vision for pragmatically and collectively creating a better society. We guide organizations to reduce their overall environmental footprint by helping them develop more sustainable processes and operations. By more clearly understanding the social and environmental impacts an organization has upon the outside world, different more sustainable decisions can be taken. This transformation towards becoming more sustainable often equates to both financial savings and increased revenues over the long term.

Consultancy Services

All areas of an organization and its members can be analyzed through the lens of sustainability. We analyze an organizations current operations such as its processes and facilities. A holistic approach is taken with a specific focus on key elements such as space/landscape use and redesign, waste, water and energy usage and management. Supplier analysis, occupant behavior and staff well-being, training and development. To learn more about staff training and development click here.

The Consulting Process

A free consultation is organized to understand the main challenges faced by the client and the organization. This first consultation initiates the information gathering phase to more clearly understand the clients world, challenges, objectives and priorities. An initial assessment is performed by us and communicated back to the customer in the form of a high level report. This report may include suggestions for creating both quantitative and qualitative baselines coupled with an obvious solutions. The clients goals are reviewed and agreed so both parties agree to what is to be achieved. A proposal/solution is put forward to meet these objectives together with an appropriate timeline and budget. The implementation process may also include speaking with different stakeholders or departments within the client organization to fully appreciate different perspectives. Implementation takes place according to what has been agreed, coupled with monitoring and fine tuning and finally client handover.

Our consulting services are used by schools, universities and local businesses. Email us to arrange a free consultation and learn more about how we can help your organization and staff become more sustainable.