Coaching Empowerment Client

My name is Raimundo Leong, I am a Maths Professor and I am from Macau. I participated in Luke &Susana Self Empowerment course in 2017.

Before joining this course, I was having a lot of difficulty dealing with recurrent issues at work.

It was frustrating and made it very hard for me to free my mind and soul to understand what my life purpose is. Consequently, the personal relationships were choked by these conditions.

The course provided me tools to own my true self, helping me retrieve the person I was.

After repairing the lost connection with my own self, I was able to apply some of the techniques I learn to solve issues at work. The results were immediate.

Today, I am much more willing to accept myself in a more compassionate and responsible way.

Opportunities and opened doors keep showing up and I know that this happens when my soul is ready to live. My personal relationships also became stronger, deeper and more loving.

I highly recommend Luke &Susana course because their focus on our lives brings us back to ourselves.

Their knowledge equips us with the tools we need to take care of ourselves and the world.