Empowerment Coaching Client

My name is Peggy Cheung and I’m from Hong Kong. I’m a business owner of KaChick, a media company based in Hong Kong.  I joined the Self Empowerment Course part 1 in Hong Kong, in  April 2018.

Before the course, I experienced constant self doubt, I always felt I wasn’t  good enough…

I cared so much about how others think of me and I compared myself to others a lot.

Through the well-structured program by Luke & Susanna, I was guided to uncover the deep issue of not loving myself enough.

During the course I understood that the first step I needed to do was to take good care of myself, both nutritionally and spiritually.

I now eat and work out regularly, become more aware of my negative self-talk, and focus on what I can do better instead of what others think of me. I’m also more mindful of the language I choose as it will eventually affect my behavior.

Luke and Susana genuinely care. They connect with people in a natural way.

The course itself is well-organized to demonstrate different concepts using theory, visualization, mediation, role play, etc. I also particularly appreciate the practical tips on nutritional diet and  super food supplements.