Empowerment Coaching Client

The Escola Portuguesa of Macau (EPM) invited Coaching Self Empowerment to help coach their high school students to become more capable in different areas of school and personal life. The ultimate objective of introducing the Self Empowerment course to the Teens was to guide them to become more self aware (self-discovery work), more mature and more successful both at school and in their private lives and relationships.

Based upon the feedback from students it was clear that they were overwhelmed with competing student workloads and furthermore suffered from anxiety due to the huge expectations of needing to get a place in university. The students also brought other topics to our attention, such as friendships, relationships and communication. How to better organize and manage their time so they maybe become more productive, effective and efficient. To better understand who they were, their needs, values and interests so they could better decided what university and degree to follow in relation to future career possibilities. How to develop positive healthy habits in personal life and at school to increase their self-esteem and self-confidence.

Self Empowerment Teens Course Macau Empowerment Coaching

We delivered our Self Empowerment Teens course during five days to a group of very enthusiastic students aged between 14 and 19 years of age. The course material was very well received. The students felt very comfortable to discuss all the topics related with their life experiences, challenges and future goals and career possibilities. Ultimately the results of attending the course was greatly enhanced their self esteem, self-trust and confidence, hugely increased self knowledge which provided increased clarity when making decisions about the present and future. Judging by the feedback and student testimonials it was a great success.