Personnel Development

As professionals having over 20 years of global experience in leadership and staff training, we consult organizations to develop more effective organizational policies and structures. We review functions, roles and responsibilities in relation to organizational processes and structures and make sure they are aligned. We provide staff training and personal development to enhance peak performance (productivity) and a positive mindset (team working). Ultimately our goal is to empower organizations, teams and the overall work culture.

Healthy Nutrition

As qualified Nutritional Therapists and Detox Specialists we consult organisations with the main objective of implementing a new healthy lifestyle based upon on holistic health and nutrition. We advise clients how to design nutritional whole food (plant based) based menus. We provide training on areas such as holistic health, nutrition and detox and explain the benefits of healthy eating such as increased mental acuteness, resistance to illness and disease, higher energy levels, faster recuperation times, and better management of chronic health problems.


We advise Small and Medium size (SME’s) business owners on how to make the transition towards becoming more sustainable businesses and organizations. All areas of an organization and its members can be analyzed through the lens of sustainability to ultimately reduce their overall “Environmental Footprint”. Our goal is to assist clients to implementing more sustainable suppliers, processes/operations and products/services. We analyze different areas of business such as supply chains, service design and use, infrastructure and operations, customer/employee behavior and processes. This transformation towards becoming more sustainable often equates to both financial savings, increased revenues overall staff and customer happiness. Email Us for a free initial consultation.