Coaching Empowerment Client

My name is Catarina Mesquita. I’m 30 years old, mother of a 1 year and half lovely boy and founder of children’s book publisher Mandarina. I’m Portuguese but live in Macau since 2013. I’m grateful for the amazing family I have and the great power I’ve claimed with the Coaching Self Empowerment Course I took in February 2019.

I decided to go to the CSE course because I was having trouble dealing with a lot of chaos and noise in my head.

I had so many red flags in my life that I needed a change – specially stopping playing the victim and not claiming my own power. I had delivered all my power to the other and lost control of my life.

The transformation was brutal!!… in a positive way.

Working with Luke and Susana was receiving great insights and knowledge to turn my life around. Meeting my inner child and rescuing it was absolutely amazing because I finally understood the origin of all my fears, doubts and insecurities. I remember coming back home during the course and sleeping deeply with a light heart and clear mind. I left the course feeling the power that I needed to start my own project and have better relationships.

Dealing with the real world is an enormous challenge. I realized that not everyone is ready to deal with change (in their life’s and specially in others). I started my own company after the course strong enough to deal with the good and the bad things that might happen. I’m feeling very grateful for what I have (specially my son and his father, my own family). I’m still coping with how others are reacting to my change and how they are not reacting with joy but I believe is part of the process.

I do HIGHLY recommend Luke and Susana especially because they fascinate me with their quest.

They changed their lives just to help the others become better and inspire them. That is absolutely amazing! The way they created the CSE course is so well done that really transforms other people’s perceptions of their own lives. Being honest, truthful and direct as they are makes their work the best! Thank you!