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Catarina Mesquita
Catarina MesquitaFounder & Owner
Self Empowerment Course Macau 2019

My name is Catarina Mesquita. I’m 30 years old, mother of a 1 year and half lovely boy and founder of children’s book publisher Mandarina. I’m grateful for the amazing family I have and the great power I’ve claimed with the Coaching Self Empowerment Course I took in February 2019.

Andre Goncalves
Andre GoncalvesSoftware & IT Engineer
Self Empowerment Course Macau 2018

My name is André and I am 30 years old, I ‘m living in Macau for the past 7 years. In the beginning of 2018, I did the Self Empowerment course after my boyfriend encouraged me to enroll. I have been dealing with issues related to stress and being far from my home country.

Raimundo Leong
Raimundo LeongMaths Professor
Self Empowerment Course Macau 2017

My name is Raimundo Leong, I am a Maths Professor and I am from Macau. I participated in Luke and Susana Hancock Self Empowerment course in October 2017. The course provided me with the tools to own my true self, helping me retrieve the person I was.