The Self Empowerment Journey

Taking back our Power to create a better world.

Society has reached a pivotal turning point in its evolution. A global transformation is now happening – not only a technological but a spiritual revolution. A veil has been lifted from in front of our eyes, in part thanks to the internet and brave whistle-blowers. A radical shift in consciousness has begun because of this new awareness. The external humanitarian and environmental crisis we see unraveling before our eyes is deeply connected to an internal crisis we are experiencing today. This internal crisis is a natural, necessary and urgent wake up call to each man and woman, born out of an internal, intuitive knowing that things must dramatically change if we are to survive and ideally thrive during this coming century.

Can this be the collective awakening that is leading us to a Spiritual Renaissance in the 21st Century?

This internal crisis that has awoken millions of both modern and indigenous people alike is due to a rise in consciousness. This crisis within our minds and hearts has been triggered by what we directly observe and experience in the outside world – unnecessary atrocities that have wreaked havoc on our collective and individual health. Whether that be the millions killed by perpetual war, the millions living in poverty or the millions addicted to cope with their pain, this has become our new reality. Daily, we witness the legalized destruction and exploitation of the forests, seas and animals (meat) in the pursuit of profit. Awareness of the myriad of anti-human and anti-life acts, rules and systems continually taking place, has caused each of us to seriously question what we see before us: how are all of these acts adding value to humanity’s evolution as a species?

What is Spiritual Maturity?

We have begun to recognize that our individual minds create our collective realities. That everything in the physical plane, first takes form in the mental plane and that the antidote to what is fundamentally wrong is the cultivation of what is fundamentally right. We have begun to realize that we need to take more active responsibility for the world we are co-creating by taking more seriously our individual and community level contributions to it. As more and more of us now consciously choose to raise our level of consciousness, this personal transformation is affecting the global collective. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us.

However, for this spiritual renaissance to have the authentic power and scale essential to overcome all that is unethical, traumatic and painful, self-discovery and personal development is required by each of us to break free from the victim-victimizer dynamic prevalent throughout the planet, perpetuated since millennia from generation to generation.

Have you noticed there are two types of humans being on this planet, those that care and those that don’t care? These two types of humans are very different from each other. They operate with different levels of consciousness because their Inner Foundation is different. A fragile/weak Inner Foundation leads to poor life standards and a lack of care for themselves and others. The opposite is also true. A strong and stable Inner Foundation that is the source of  healthy self-esteem, vitality and well-being, means the individual cares for themselves and others.

Self-mastery can only emerge when we have a strong Inner Foundation. Meaning a balanced mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. With a strong inner foundation a strong inner authority and personal power can emerge.

What is Self-Empowerment?

The revolution that is saving the world is ultimately a personal one and spiritual in nature, its is Self-Empowerment.

Today we are rewriting the story of what it means to be human, specifically by what we accept and more importantly, what we no longer accept. We are taking back our power. This is where self-empowerment begins. The power that we speak of is not an external authority figure or institution. Instead, we are consciously choosing to do our healing work, reclaim our personal power, master our thoughts, emotions and behaviors so we can create a life with meaning and purpose. It requires us to make a great effort to know our innermost selves and to acknowledge our beliefs, perceptions and motivations that influence our life decisions and quality of our lifestyle. Self-Empowerment is a state of being, not dependent upon materials or status.

We cannot become self-empowered if we are constantly being triggered by fear, pain or trauma that we have not cleared from ourselves and our past. Triggers will always take control of our mental and emotional structures. Triggers cloud and confuse discernment and lead to impaired decision making and dysfunctional relationships. It is vital that we face and overcome our fears, and mental and emotional triggers that descend us into automatic negative reactions. If you choose to follow your fears, this will actually cause more harm and bring you further away from your authenticity and truth.

Choosing to stand up and face your fear is very empowering and builds up your strength, courage, self-esteem and self-confidence. This is the beginning of moving towards developing Inner Authority and Personal Power.

What is Inner Authority?

The first step to develop a strong inner authority is to perform a self-assessment. This self-assessment leads to the creation of a personal inventory, a deep understanding of our strengths, weaknesses and shadow side. The shadow side is the part of us that is hidden in the subconscious mind, triggered into ‘reacting’ by external people, situations and events. This self-assessment often takes us back to the past to uncover adverse childhood experiences. This is a necessary process to heal any trauma and painful experiences so they are not passed onto the next generation of children and so we may reach our full potential. If we as adults choose to ignore our past, then there is a great chance that we will not be able to fully develop our inner authority and full potential, because unknowingly we are functioning at existing low levels of self-esteem.

With a developed sense of inner authority, we begin to realize who we are. We are a precious human being with dignity and self-worth. Our inner authority is the expression of our self-respect and self-worth – how we treat ourselves and how we allow others to treat us. When we treat ourselves with enormous respect and then we demand respect from others. A strong inner authority enables us to deeply believe and trust in ourselves. We start to live our own lives with an unshakable confidence that we alone can determine the quality and direction of our life. We begin to develop our personal power.

What is Personal Power?

Personal power is our ability to become autonomous and self-determining. This means having the courage and commitment to develop the resources within us to redesign our lives aligned to our values and ethics. Personal power arises as a consequence of developing our inner authority and our deep sense of self-worth.

When we choose to develop our inner authority and personal power, we commit to a new set of personal and professional standards. We express our personal power as positive human characteristics such as self-leadership, emotional intelligence and care for self and others. We choose to positively participate in society by developing a life with meaning, purpose and abundance.

These new standards help us to effectively move away from any undesirable situations and move towards more empowering situations. We allow ourselves to become less distracted by dramas because we are aware and in control of where we place our focus and spend/invest our time. Individuals that are able to establish successful meaningful lives, are the ones that are in touch with their inner authority and personal power. The way we choose to live our life determines the type of relationships and environments that we are part of. Knowing this, can lead us to self-reflect and question our current close relationships and observe whether the dynamics are healthy or unhealthy.

How to create Healthy Relationships?

We all desire to have happy, healthy, harmonious relationships, but often reality is far from what we’d like. Have you wondered why it is so hard to maintain happy harmonious relationships? The quality of our thoughts, actions and behaviors toward ourselves and others define the quality of our relationships and the dynamics that we conscious or unconsciously give consent (agree) to.

To create a healthy relationship we need not only to respect ourselves but also demand and inspire respect from others.

People with low self-esteem and a weak inner authority have a tendency to continuously please others. They can easily misplace their trust in the hands of others, sometimes abusers, and unknowingly perpetuate victim-victimizer relationship dynamics – the common relationship dynamic of abuse, whereby one controls and or abuses the other. This victim-victimizer dynamic is expressed through the hierarchical structure that exists everywhere in society, work environments, family units, and even couples.

It’s important to realize that selfish people are committed only to themselves. They are impatient and are terrible choices as spouses or partners. If you have a relationship with a selfish individual, they may suffer from narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). It is advisable to learn about this psychosomatic disorder and learn to how recognize the common behavioral patterns of abuse, blackmail and untrustworthiness. Simultaneously it will be essential to assert healthy personal boundaries to protect yourself. Placing boundaries, limits, and protecting yourself from abusive dynamics is not selfish. It is an act of self-respect and self-love. If we are unaware of these harmful relationship dynamics, then we are unable to give our informed consent to this behavior.

“If you are tuned out of your own emotions, you will be poor on reading them in other people”-  Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman

Informed Consent

Informed consent is the act of agreeing to allow something to happen, or to do something, with a full understanding of all the relevant facts, including risks, and available alternatives. A self-empowered, autonomous individual comprehends the meaning and importance of the term “informed consent”. He, she, is aware of and agrees to the types of personal and professional relationships s/he is entering into. Informed consent is an extremely important concept to understand and help guide us in our ethical conduct in how we treat others and how we allow others to treat us.

Informed consent is directly related to preserving personal ethics and a human beings right to self-determination and autonomy. Informed consent has three core components:

  1. Disclosure of the information in a truthful way to make an autonomous decision.
  2. The mental capacity to comprehend the information and form reasonable judgments on the consequences.
  3. The voluntary action to exercise decisions without external pressures such as coercion, manipulation and deception.

An informed individual is in a far better position to become vigilant about their relationships and environment and anticipate or stop any harmful conduct by refusing to take part and or removing themselves from the relationship, situation or contract. This can be related to both relationship dynamics inside the family unit and social and work environments.

How many of us have refused to look at where intentional harm is occurring?

There are different reasons why so many of us have refused to acknowledge and preferred to ignore harmful acts and atrocities in our society. Believing such harmful acts and atrocities were too ugly to see and too dark to speak about. But the fact is by us refusing to acknowledge and speak the truth, we allow and so give our consent for these atrocities to continue and be passed onto the next generations. Fortunately, because the consciousness is rising among segments of the population, we are now observing the younger more courageous generations speaking against matters of abuse, such as the Me -Too Movement, Climate Change, Pedophilia, Veganism and Animal Rights etc.

The antidote to what is fundamentally wrong is the cultivation of what is fundamentally right.

The Matrix AKA the world we live in!

Humanity has reached a crossroads, a pivotal point in evolutionary time, thanks to younger generations. There is a real battle for the control of our minds and the control of our consciousness. It is a race against time. A race between the natural spiritual evolution of each of us, however sabotaged by external forces, and control of the masses by the egoistic ruling class.

The matrix is the man-made world we live in that is formed by our media, television, politics, law, culture etc. It can be perceived as natural and organic by those that do not realize that our culture and its laws are socially-engineered by design. Major efforts have been made to distract us from reaching our full potential as a species. Our controlling consumer culture is based on problem, reaction and solution – the Hegelian Dialectic. A mass social engineering and propaganda effort to sell a certain hierarchical, controlling structure of society to the people.

“Is too much to ask, to live in a world where our human gifts go towards the benefits of all? Where our daily activities contribute to the healing of the biosphere and the well-being of other people?”  The Ascent of Humanity by Charles Eisenstein

We all now face the same question. It implies a conscious choice of being accountable and fully responsible for our thoughts, speech and actions. Are you ready to move beyond this matrix theater and awaken? Are you ready to become a sovereign, self-empowered individual?

Are you going to choose the red pill or the blue?


Accessing deeper truth requires Spiritual Maturity in order to learn how the planet became what it is today. This is not a personal story, though everyone’s personal life is affected and everyone’s life affects the story. Like strands of DNA, all of us are coded with the history and possibilities of the species. Many of us are becoming fully aware of the unnatural systems of fear, control, poverty and war that we as a species have been locked into for millennia – think feudalism, slavery and apartheid. The same realization happened to Buddha 2,500 years ago when he decided to liberate himself and others from suffering.

Do you truly believe that this is our natural condition as human beings to live in constant fear of war and poverty? 

Self-Empowerment is the new Spiritual Renaissance – a new way of thinking and being, where education is bringing forth what the soul already knows to be true. Our birthright as human beings to be born free. When we acknowledge who we are, our rights and powers, then we cannot be so easily mind controlled or manipulated by external forces. We are becoming more aware of the important role we have to play towards co-creating a society that places value on human beings. An ethical and just society based upon a value system of a World Humanism.

Here are some important things we may consider when embarking upon this journey of personal transformation.

  1. Learn how to develop your Inner Authority and Personal Power by doing your healing work.
  2. Develop a strong motivation and desire to transform your life.
  3. Create a mission statement about your life that reflects your intentions, goals and dreams.
  4. Engage a mentor with solid direct experience in healing & coaching to support you on this journey.
  5. Find a supportive community that respects you and provides genuine support.
  6. Begin to pay more attention to your internal guidance system.


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