Healing is the key to Self Empowerment

The great epidemic of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) that is sweeping through our society is one of the most profoundly dysfunctional phenomena’s of the 21st century, as evidenced by Dr. Paul Babaik PHD and Dr. Robert Hare PHD in their seminal work “Snakes in Suits“. Many if not most governments, boards of directors and top management of the largest corporations and banks around the world are filled with people having Narcissistic Personality Disorder – people that don’t care. The need to feel important, to be admired, to feel superior or above anyone or anything else including nature. The primary objective of the corporation is to maximize shareholders value, meaning Profit before People and Planet.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder is not only an issue ‘out there’ in society but also very much in our homes and family units. Narcissistic Personality Disorder has been the driving force that has been damaging our family units, our communities and our relationship with all living beings on earth including our relationship to the Earth. This selfish and emotionally immature behavior has been the driving force that has ultimately created separation. Separation both from our Authentic Selves and separation from others and our relationship with nature. We believe nature is a resource to be extracted, used and controlled, not sacred.

Mental disorders such narcissistic personality disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, paranoia, PTSD, and or depression are manifestations of trauma induced by our societal belief systems. This internal separation is one of the main reasons for the existence of low self-esteem and a fragile Inner Foundation, meaning poor mental, emotional, physical and Spiritual structure in our society. Healing the Self is the essential and urgent inner work we can all choose to do so we may develop an authentic connection with our true self and with others in our community so we may create a healthy and sustainable society.

Urgent healing is required.

When true inner healing takes place, a powerful transformation happens to the individual. A connection is made with the heart and our emotional intelligence begins to grow. As our Self-Awareness of our thoughts, emotions and behavior increases, the rigid mindset of denial begins to weaken. Realizing deeply that if we are sincere about stopping this inter-generational trauma and abuse of people and the planet, a shift in our belief systems and world view must take place. We permit ourselves to see the world and our role in it from a very different perspective. From a higher level of consciousness where our life is no longer about status, wealth and the acquisition of stuff to impress others but about developing meaning and purpose. It is about living in alignment with our values, passions and skills in service of our local or global community.

This journey is moving us from Scarcity Thinking to Abundance Thinking. It is a journey that thousands of people and communities throughout the world are choosing. It requires courage, support and perseverance. As a result of this inner transformation our Inner Foundation becomes stronger and our Inner Authority more powerful. Instead of contracting we are expanding, expanding towards our authentic selves and the expression of inner authorityThis is the beginning journey of Self Empowerment!

As we change, slowly our life standards change, including our personal and professional relationships. Our behavior as role models towards our children dramatically changes for the better. This is one of the most important topics of our Self Empowerment Course. Healing the Self to expand our self-awareness of who we truly are and develop the capacity to regulate our thoughts, emotions and behavior so we may redesign our life with meaning and purpose.

One main result of healing the self is the embodiment of connection!

As we evolve due our healing a new experience arises that we all belong to a vast web of bio spiritual ecological systems that integrates us all in this planet. Healing helps us to develop our inner senses and intuition, allowing us to feel that we are all one and we are all connected. Healing assist us to move away from separation and scarcity mindset towards into a new global community with new values of care and a new mindset of abundance. We are all part of the change and have our roles to play. Someone out there is not going to do your inner work or live your life purpose for you, only you can do that. There are professionals with direct experience both of healing and life redesign that can assist you on your journey. If you feel called to do this inner work and transform your life then get Luke’s free book “Own Your Power” and reach out to us with your questions or write a comment below.


There are some important things you should consider when embarking upon this journey of healing and personal transformation.

1.        You must have the mindset and motivation to change your life.

2.        You will most likely need a mentor to support you on this journey.

3.        A solid healing & coaching structure in place that will ground you into practical daily steps to shift your mindset from where you are to where you want to be.

4.        You need a mentor continuation support program to help you to embed the new daily routines into your life. These new daily routines will assist the brains neuroplasticity activity in developing new neural pathways that represents your new powerful mindset.

5.        You will need to have a supportive community that respects you and is there for you when you need.