3 Steps to Dissolve Fear 

Fear is very much present in our society today. Human’s history of fear started back in the early days of our ancestors, where we developed fear in pursuit of protecting ourselves from dangerous situation–our survival instinct. 
Nowadays, fear has limited us from following and living our true potential as happy and functioning human beings. But is it really necessary, or even helpful, to our human evolution? 
Many people’s fear is related to live life in accordance with other’s expectations and cultural opinions. Imagine having the fear of being stuck in a life that you don’t want, and has to constantly please others. This socially engineered fear trap made us so afraid of judgment, rejection and criticism which rips our authenticity, inner authority and personal power eventually. We are used to thinking that fear is a norm and often forget that it is something we need to actively dissolve. 

So how can we overcome fear?

….Here are three suggestions that can help us dissolve our fear:

  1. Reflect and write down your top five fears. Ask yourselves, “what specifically am I afraid of? Is this really my fear?” It is very important to identify exactly what we are fearful of. Identify it, reflect, share, talk about it with the people you trust the most. 
  1. Once you identify your fears, start considering the decisions and actions that must be in place in order to dissolve fears within your control. Let go of wanting to control external situations such as people and events in your life that you have no control of. Instead, start focusing on what you do have control of – your thoughts, decisions and behavior. Understand that we have no right to change or control others but we are capable of changing ourselves, our lives, and how we choose to interact in this world. 
  1. Develop trust in yourself and your internal guidance system, your intuition. Fear is a big reason why we don’t listen to our intuition. We know we have to do this, do that, but we let fear overtake and allow it to sabotage our life decisions and choices. Practice self-responsibility and self-accountability. It is important to have faith and self-belief so we can start making positive changes. Only we can remove fear in our minds. Let us strive harder to face these fears and make more truthful and empowering choices in our lives by believing in ourselves and our intuition. 
Fear is just a state of mind, which is often destructive and the cause of many arguments, conflicts and wars. But once we truly realize we can drop fear instantly like a heavy bag, then we can transform our lives.

We must acknowledge that beyond fear, beyond these false limitations lies FREEDOM – our true human potential. 


There are some important things you should consider when embarking upon this journey of healing and personal transformation.
  1. You must have the mindset and motivation to change your life.
  2. You will most likely need a mentor to support you on this journey.
  3. A solid healing & coaching structure in place that will ground you into practical daily steps to shift your mindset from where you are to where you want to be.
  4. You need a mentor continuation support program to help you to embed the new daily routines into your life. These new daily routines will assist the brains neuroplasticity activity in developing new neural pathways that represents your new powerful mindset.
  5. You will need to have a supportive community that respects you and is there for you when you need.


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YES. Send Me My FREE Book Now!
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